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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: 1. Setup Suspension Components

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1. Setup Suspension Components


00:00 - When it comes to any complex task, it's easiest if we have a solid step by step procedure that we can follow.
00:06 Making sure we follow the same procedure every time, means that we can get consistent results and we can be certain that we're not going to forget anything critical.
00:14 This is particularly important when it comes to working on the suspension of your car, as all it takes is a moment of lapsed concentration, leading to a nut not being correctly tightened, and you have a recipe for a deadly result.
00:26 With this in mind, we've broken the wheel alignment process down into the Racecraft 7 Step Process.
00:32 This is a process that we will cover here that can be applied to any car using any alignment equipment, however we'll be assuming that you're going to be using string alignment equipment, as outlined in this course and therefore this is a technique that you can take with you and use at the track.
00:49 This process starts from the point where we're first installing suspension components in the car and continues through to the point where you have a properly aligned car that's ready to test.
00:59 Of course you're not going to be changing the coil overs or suspensions arms every time you head to the track, so this process can be adapted to suit making alignment changes at the track once the car is initially set up.
01:11 The first step of our process therefore, is to set up the suspension components and here I'm assuming that you're starting with at least some adjustable arms and a set of adjustable coil over suspension, which would be a pretty common upgrade path for many track day enthusiasts.
01:29 What we're aiming to do here is begin our process with arms that are equally adjusted so that we're not going to be building in any wheel base or track problems from the get go.
01:39 If you're replacing a factory arm then it's also not a bad starting point to begin by replicating the geometry of that factory component.
01:46 Accurately making these measurements and adjustments is detailed in the practical skills section of the course so you can refer there.
01:53 Once our suspension arms are installed, we can install our coil overs and adjust our ride height.
01:59 Again, you can refer to the relevant module in the practical section of the course to see how this is done.
02:05 This now gives us a stable starting point to begin making our measurements from before we can make any adjustments.
02:12 Any time we're working on the suspension components of the car, we always want to be vigilant of any potential problems.
02:19 In particular, it's a good practice to check the condition of any suspension bushes for wear or play and to visually inspect any suspension components for any signs of damage.