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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: 2. Setup Alignment Equipment

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2. Setup Alignment Equipment


00:00 - Now that we have all of our suspension components installed, we can actually check and adjust the alignment, and this requires us to begin by setting up our equipment.
00:08 If you're not making any fundamental hardware changes before aligning the suspension, then we'd actually be starting right here.
00:15 Before we can set up our equipment, we need to find a suitable location to perform our alignment.
00:21 The ideal location is a flat and smooth concrete pad where we have plenty of space to work.
00:27 You'll find that most racetracks have a suitable area that you can use for setup, even if this isn't in the normal pit space.
00:33 You also don't want to be doing this in any area where there are other people working, as it only takes a bump of the string equipment to affect your results and waste time.
00:43 Once we've got our can into the location we're going to perform our alignment on, we can then go ahead and set up our string alignment equipment.
00:50 You can follow the module in the practical skills section of the course for a refresher on how to do this, however, you'll recall that the aim here is to ensure our strings are located parallel to the centreline of the car and we want them positioned at approximately the same height as the centreline of the wheel.