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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: 3. Check Base Alignment

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3. Check Base Alignment


00:00 - Now that we have our alignment equipment set up, we can start by checking our current alignment settings.
00:05 We need to do this, obviously, so that we know what adjustments are needed to get us to our new targets.
00:11 However often this step can reveal a potential problem that may be leading to a handling issue anyway.
00:17 For example, we could pick up a bent suspension component that's effecting camber and toe on one corner of the car that may not have otherwise been immediately obvious.
00:26 This is another reason why it's important to document your setup because you can now compare the alignment settings you've just taken to how the car was aligned last time.
00:36 Provided you're performing your alignments regularly, this will let you highlight a potential problem quickly, before it creates more serious trouble.
00:44 It also can work as a sanity check if you've somehow got your strings set up incorrectly as the toe readings will be well off what you had previously documented.