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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: 4. Decide on Required Changes

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4. Decide on Required Changes


00:00 - The next step is to decide on the changes necessary to the alignment.
00:04 What we do here is going to depend a little on whether we're setting the car up for the first time or we're trying to improve our car with an existing alignment setup.
00:12 If you're starting from scratch then this can be a little tricky, as you may not know what will work for your particular car.
00:19 It's also hard to offer absolute numbers that can be applied to every different type of car and expect great results.
00:27 What I'd suggest here is to start by talking to others at the track, running the same model of car as yours and see what's working for them.
00:34 You can also learn a lot from enthusiast forums.
00:38 We're not expecting the perfect numbers here but this can save time and at least get you into the ballpark and from there you can test and find what changes work for you.
00:48 This brings us to the same point we'll be at if we've got an existing setup where we want to analyse the way the car behaves and decide on a direction for our changes.
00:57 We cover this in the analysing alignment at the track module and in particular, I'd recommend familiarising yourself with the setup cheat sheet we've included within that module.
01:07 When we make changes, it's a good idea to make a change that's big enough to notice but it can also be valuable to make just one change at a time so we can properly evaluate it.