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Motorsport Wheel Alignment: 4. Decide on Required Changes

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4. Decide on Required Changes


00:00 - In this step of our process, we're going to decide on the type of changes necessary to our wheel alignment so that we can apply those changes in the next step of the process.
00:09 However this step is really designed around a car that's already running on the racetrack and is potentially exhibiting some kind of handling issue.
00:18 We can then us the information in the body of the course to decide what alignment changes are necessary to help alleviate the handling problem that the car's suffering from.
00:27 It's always important when we are analysing the way the car is handling and deciding on changes to make, that we make small changes and generally we want to make these changes one at a time so that we can then head back out onto the racetrack and assess the effect of just that one change.
00:43 In this way, we can quickly build up a picture of whether the changes we're making are improving the situation or making it worse.
00:51 In the case of our Toyota 86, of course we've just fitted all new components and the car hasn't been out on track so we've really got no information here to work from in terms of whether the setup is good or bad.
01:03 Instead, what we're really doing is working from an existing setup on our other car, that we already know gives pretty well balanced handling.