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PDM Installation & Configuration: Disclaimer

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00:00 - While using a PMU in your project will open up a whole new world of possibilities around how your vehicle operates, we do need to address the inherent safety concerns this new level of flexibility comes with.
00:12 Designing a system that includes a PMU is a specialised task, one that requires specialised knowledge, there is the possibility for a misconfigured device to inadvertently provide power to a part of the system when it shouldn't or more often not provide power to part of the system when it should.
00:30 Either of these systems can be catastropically dangerous, resulting in physical damage to electrical and mechanical systems in the vehicle or even worse, physical injury to the driver or pit crew.
00:41 While we present the information in this course in such a way that identifies and controls these risks, it is still your responsibility to apply these controls in practice and evaluate the possible outcomes.
00:52 If you're not comfortable with these possible risks or feel like this course is not for you, please let us know and we'll give you a full refund of the purchase price.

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