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PDM Installation & Configuration: How to Use This Course

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How to Use This Course


00:00 - This course is split into individual video modules that progress in a specific way giving you the required knowledge to use a PMU in your project.
00:08 While you may feel like you already understand some of the technical details around this topic, we urge all students to initially watch the course in its entirety.
00:17 There will be subtle concepts and theories discussed which we consider essential to understanding the usage and configuration of a PMU device.
00:26 Once you've watched the course, it's easy to rewatch individual modules in order to understand them better.
00:31 In the case of the worked examples it can be very useful to watch these alongside your own project, performing the same steps in real time to ensure that nothing gets missed.
00:40 Now that you've purchased the course, it is yours for life and you can watch it as many times as you like.
00:46 Over time we'll expand the course with additional worked examples which you'll get access to immediately at no extra cost.
00:53 While we've tried to cover every concept that we feel is important, it's inevitable that you will have further questions and topics to discuss.
01:01 With this in mind, you've been given access to the HPA member's only forum and this is the perfect place to ask those questions and participate in those discussions.
01:10 Below each video module is a form that you can use to quickly create a forum post related to that particular module.
01:17 Asking your questions here means that all the HPA members can participate and benefit from the discussion as well.

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