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PDM Installation & Configuration: Step 2: Design Required Control Functions

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Step 2: Design Required Control Functions


00:00 - In the second step of our PMU setup process, we're going to design the control functions that'll define how the connected devices are supplied with power.
00:08 As mentioned in the last step of the module, I suggest approaching this step before firmly locking yourself into any particular PMU as they do have varying capabilities and you want to be able to achieve as many of your control designs as possible.
00:21 This will mean performing a bit of research into the currently available devices on the market, reading their documentation and even getting familiar with their setup software.
00:30 You'll save a lot of time later on in the process by doing this now and hopefully avoid any potential pitfalls.
00:38 For this step, you need to go through every item in the list we created in step 1 and determine what inputs are required to control it.
00:46 We've given some good examples of this in the advanced function case studies section of the course, as you can see there we can build up relatively complicated control strategies using the simple logical building blocks introduced earlier in the course.
00:58 Almost all PMUs on the market use these basic control elements in their setup.
01:03 However their setup software will implement them differently.
01:07 Designing in this fairly generic way will let you understand the basic structure of the control strategy and then implement it with your particular PMU in a later step.
01:16 In the process of designing these control strategies, you'll also generate a list of all the inputs the PMU is going to require.
01:23 This list will be used in the next step but you'll want to go through it now to determine the source of each of these inputs, most importantly if it is a direct wired input or will be received by the PMU via CAN.
01:36 The key goal of this step is to ensure all of these inputs are listed and the logical chain they run through to determine how an output should be enabled is thoroughly understood.

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