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PDM Installation & Configuration: Step 6: Test Systems

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Step 6: Test Systems


00:00 - The 6th and final step of the PMU configuration process is to thoroughly test the PMU installation.
00:07 It's a good idea to always test like this in a component's final installed form as bench testing, then installing and assuming everything will be fine is a risky business.
00:17 Go through each of your output channel definitions and cycle through every input combination possible to ensure they're being picked up correctly.
00:24 The control strategies are working as expected and the current draw of the connected devices is also as expected.
00:31 You also want to check the logging functions of the PMU at this point and ensure that they're working correctly.
00:37 This is a great time to familiarise yourself with the process of downloading and viewing logs and possibly put a long term storage system into place so you can make historical comparisons to help you spot any issues down the line.
00:48 I'd also suggest getting someone else to jump in the vehicle and test the system.
00:52 When we're designing and installing a system like this, it's very difficult to divorce the testing from the design process.
00:59 And often we inadvertently test in such a way that the system will always work.
01:04 Getting someone else to put in some unexpected inputs is a great way to see how robust the system really is.
01:10 With the system thoroughly tested, this brings us to the end of the PMU configuration and installation process.
01:17 This process is going to look different for each PMU on the market as they all have their own conventions and software setup workflows but if you follow these steps, you'll be able to achieve a good result.
01:27 We show these steps being performed in real projects in the worked examples section of the course and we'll look at specific PMU brands there so make sure to check them out.

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