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Practical Corner Weighting: Cross Weight Percentage Practical

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Cross Weight Percentage Practical


00:00 - We're now going to have a practical demonstration of how we can affect the cross weights and for that matter the individual corner weights by jacking weight around the car by adjusting ride height.
00:10 And to do this, we're only going to adjust one corner of the car.
00:14 We'll start by getting the car fitted up onto our corner weight scales and get an initial reading of those corner weights.
00:21 We can do this on our Intercomp system by selecting the left rear corner and the right front corner.
00:27 This gives us a total cross weight of 612 kg which is a cross weight percentage of 47.9%.
00:34 It is important to mention here, for this particular demonstration we don't have anything replicating the driver's weight sitting in the car.
00:42 So our cross weight isn't actually very realistic compared to how it would be under race conditions.
00:48 It's still perfect for our demonstration though.
00:50 In this case, that cross weight percentage is a result of the fact we can see that the left front is heavy compared to the right front and likewise the right rear is heavy compared to the left rear.
01:03 There's a variety of ways that we could adjust the ride height in order to address this problem.
01:09 We could either lower the left front corner or we could raise the right front corner.
01:13 We could make similar changes at the rear of the car.
01:16 For our demonstration here though, we only want to make one change so we can see the effect of that one change on all four corners of the car.
01:24 What we're going to do here is lower the left front corner by 5 mm.
01:28 So we can get the car back off our scales and jack the front of the car in the air and get our wheel off, we can then make that ride height change to our left front coilover suspension.
01:40 Once we've got our ride height change made, we can get the car back on the ground, settle the suspension and get it back onto our scales.
01:47 Straight away we can see that our cross weight has increased to 620.5 kg or 48.6% so we've made quite a dramatic improvement with just that one change.
02:00 Diving into a little bit more detail about how that one change has affected the individual corner weights, we can see that it's reduced the corner weight on our left front and our right rear by approximately 4 kg.
02:13 Obviously the overall weight of the car hasn't changed so that additional weight has been added to the right front and also the left rear.