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Practical Corner Weighting: Corner Load

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Corner Load


00:00 - The term load or corner load is often used interchangeably with the term corner weight.
00:05 In layman's terms they both mean the same thing however the word load specifically means the force being applied by the tyre to the racetrack.
00:14 When we use the term weight it's usually referred to as a mass value like kilograms or pounds however this is not completely accurate.
00:22 Weight is actually a force value, however for the purposes of this course, we'll refer to weight as a mass just to keep things easier.
00:30 When you drive your car on track, as you turn the car there'll be a weight or load exerted onto the tyres.
00:37 This load will vary depending on a large number of things such as speed, how tight the corner is, braking force, car setup and the list goes on.
00:46 When we want a car to perform at its optimum, we want every tyre to be in contact with the road in a way that suits the characteristics of the car and the tyre.
00:55 But importantly we want the car to feel well balanced when we're behind the steering wheel.
01:00 The best way to try and achieve this is to get a consistent load acting between the left and right hand side of the car when cornering left or right.
01:08 For example if you consider a left hand corner and a right hand corner that are mirror images of each other and assuming that you take the same racing line through each corner at the same speed, then our goal when setting up the corner weights would be that the corner loads will measure the same force acting downwards on each side.
01:26 So if we use this example, the left hand wheels going through a right hand corner will measure the same amount of load as the right hand wheels going through a left hand corner.
01:36 This is what we would consider a balanced corner load.
01:39 There are many different setup techniques that we can use to help achieve optimum corner load however in this course, we're going to be focusing more on the vehicle in a static or standstill location in order for us to make the perfect starting point before leaving the pits and heading out onto the track.