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Practical Wiring - Club Level: Conclusion

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00:00 - This brings us to the end of the HPA practical wiring harness construction course which is the follow on from our EFI wiring fundamentals course.
00:08 By this stage you should have a clear understanding of the skills required to design an EFI wiring harness that is going to function correctly, provide items with power when they need it, and have a correct grounding scheme that's gonna help you avoid electrical gremlins when the vehicle is being tuned.
00:25 You're also going to know that the sensors and actuators that form the parts of your EFI system are wired correctly, using the correct gauge and type of wire.
00:34 You will have a clear understanding of the materials we use in wiring harness construction at a club day track car or a modified street car level, and how to specify those materials for your own project.
00:46 You will also have a thorough understanding of the practical skills required to physically build your harness.
00:53 From building a mock up in your engine bay to make sure the harness can reach all of your required EFI system components, to laying out the wires on the bench, sheathing your harness and finishing those connector terminations.