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Practical Wiring - Club Level: Standards of Work

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Standards of Work


00:00 - Before we begin our harness design process, we need to have a look at the standards of work that we're aiming for, and a brief discussion of how wiring harness construction differs at a modified street car or club day track car level from a professional motorsport application.
00:14 When we build a harness for a modified street car or club level track car, budget is going to be a primary consideration.
00:21 For this reason, we will use less expensive material which should not require expensive specialised tools to get a reliable result.
00:28 Now this is not to say in any way that the tools and materials we use are not going to be fit for purpose, as we will still specify every part of our harness to be robust and reliable.
00:39 But the extra weight and space savings the expensive dedicated motorsport materials and toolings give us are not going to be worth the extra time or financial outlay that their use requires.
00:49 Our choice of wire is going to be TXL, as it is easily and cheaply available in small quantities from online resellers.
00:56 If we need to specify a connector body ourselves, we will use the Deutsch DTP, DT or DTM range, depending on the current requirement.
01:05 We will reuse any OEM connector bodies that are still in serviceable condition, replacing only their contact pins with new items that can be crimped to our wires.
01:15 Our harness will be sheathed in either expandable braid or Raychem DR 25.
01:19 Transition points and connector body terminations will be booted using either Raychem SCL or ATUM.