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Practical Wiring - Club Level: Introduction

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00:00 - I'm Zac from the High Performance Academy and I'd like to welcome you to the practical wiring harness construction course.
00:05 This course builds on the knowledge presented in the wiring fundamentals course and assumes you have a solid understanding of the concepts presented there.
00:14 If you haven't yet taken that course, i strongly suggest you do before proceeding.
00:18 Designing and building an EFI wiring harness for your own modified street car or club level track car, can be an immensely rewarding task, and gives you complete control over the process.
00:28 You'll know exactly how the harness runs throughout the vehicle, how it branches out, and how it connects to all the electronic components in the vehicle.
00:36 If you're prepared to take the time to learn the process of wiring harness construction, practice the design and practical techniques, and you have a good eye for detail, you will be able to produce an end result that is better than many professionally constructed wiring harnesses.
00:50 In how the harness physically fits the vehicle, its ease of install, and its reliability.
00:55 Perhaps you're a home enthusiast wanting to challenge yourself and take your wiring skill set to the next level, or a professional motorsport workshop wanting to bring your harness construction process in house instead of relying on outsourcing your work.
01:07 Either way, this course is going to be perfect for you.
01:11 Constructing a wiring harness for your modified street car or club level track car is not a particularly difficult task and it can be easily understood and achieved by most enthusiasts.
01:21 It does require substantial planning however, attention to detail, and the ability think through the entire process.
01:28 Once you gain some experience and master the individual elements, you'll be able to construct a wiring harness that is easy to install, attractive and has a long service life.
01:37 For the novice harness builder, constructing a wiring harness is like many other aspects of the automotive world.
01:43 It initially seems overwhelming and daunting.
01:46 A misconnection or a slip with the flush cutters could mean hours of extra work or expensive wastage of materials.
01:52 We've removed this fear with the HPA eight step process presented in this course.
01:57 This process breaks the harness construction down into eight manageable tasks.
02:02 Each of these tasks in its own right is relatively straightforward and as they are completed in order, your harness design, documentation and then physical construction will appear before your eyes.
02:12 More importantly you'll have the confidence that your design decisions are correct and the physical harness is perfectly suited to your application.
02:20 This course is broken into three sections.
02:23 The first section we discuss the key design techniques and skills you'll need to apply to your harness build.
02:29 In the second section we visit the key practical construction skills you will need to be familiar with.
02:34 Once you've completed these sections we'll move onto the eight step process and show it being applied to a real harness build for a real project.
02:42 As time goes on, we will add to this library of worked examples.
02:45 So if your particular application isn't catered for right now, don't worry, as there is a good chance that we'll be covering it in a future worked example, which you will have immediate access to with no extra charges.
02:56 The course will focus on harness construction for a modified street car or club level track car.
03:02 However the concepts presented here are universally applicable to many automotive applications.
03:07 Whether you're preparing your weekend warrior for an upcoming track day or you want the engine swap in your project to finally come to life, the lessons this course teaches will be applicable.
03:16 This course does not cover the configuration and tuning of engine management systems.
03:20 While we will have a brief discussion of some of the knowledge required for engine tuning it will only be as it pertains to a harness design decision and documentation.