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Practical Wiring - Club Level: Pinning Connector Bodies

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Pinning Connector Bodies


00:00 - Pinning our connector bodies is the process of inserting our crimped pins into our connector bodies and ensuring that they have locked in place correctly.
00:07 Now this procedure is normally going to be undertaken immediately after you have crimped your terminal pins onto your bare wires, as you don't want to leave those bare crimped terminals rattling around while you're dealing with the rest of the wiring harness.
00:22 We have covered a couple of examples of this process in our EFI Fundamentals course, we're going to have a look at another example now which is our Sumitomo DL 090 series connector.
00:32 However this process is going to be very application dependent to the connector that you are dealing with.
00:38 We would say that if you are unsure about this process with the particular connector that you are working with, take some detailed photos and make a good post on our online forum and we will be able to assist you there.
00:49 The most critical detail we need to be aware of when we're pinning a connector body is the location of the locking tab flanges.
00:56 We can see on our Sumitomo 090 connector here, they're actually right down the very back and they're on the underside of the connector and that's going to let us know which orientation these pins are going to have to be in when we pin them into the connector body.
01:12 We can see on our terminal pins here, the ledge that the locking tab is going to interface with and that's going to let us know which way up these terminals are gonna be when we insert them into the connector body.
01:24 So with that information we can get everything lined up, get our terminal pins into the back of the connector body there, make sure we've got everything in the right orientation and insert them until we hear a nice positive click.
01:39 Which we just have.
01:40 I can do a bit of a tug test there to ensure that those terminals are not withdrawing, and they're not, so we know that they are solidly locked in place.
01:49 Last visual check to make sure we've got everything in the right spot, we're just gonna have another quick look at those locking tab flanges, Make sure they have clicked back down and they are interfacing with the ledge on the pin which we can see there so that is looking really good.
02:03 Last step of the process with our Sumitomo 090 connector here is going to be installing our locking assembly.
02:10 This is going to keep pressure on those tabs, keeping them interfaced with the ledge on that pin, ensuring that those pins really aren't gonna go anywhere.
02:17 So we'll get this installed and it should just click nicely into place.
02:27 Like so.
02:29 Now the connector pin crimping and body installation process is likely to be one of the most lengthy of your entire harness construction process.
02:37 It's also going to be very application dependent.
02:40 Relying on the EFI system components that you're working with and actually the particular vehicle as well.