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Practical Reflash Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - In this worked example, we're going to be applying an HP tuner, speed density operating system to a GM LS3-V8.
00:08 Now the engine's fitted to a 2013 HSV R8 Clubport, although the same engine is found in various Australian domestic market, and US domestic market vehicles.
00:20 So, the content of this worked example is going to be relevant to a wide variety of vehicles.
00:27 Now the custom speed density operating system removes the GM virtual VE system, and instead gives us three conventional volumetric efficiency tables, within the software to adjust.
00:41 With the advent of VCM Suite version three, the speed density operating system, or this custom speed density operating system is now perhaps a little less relevant.
00:53 Since we can now easily, and accurately adjust the virtual VE tables from within the editor.
01:01 However, the custom speed density operating system does still provide some enhancements relevant for turbo and super-charged vehicles.
01:10 And we know that a lot of tuners are still using this operating system, so we'll go through the process of installing, and then configuring and tuning the speed density operating system.