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Practical Standalone Tuning: The HPA 10-Step Process

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The HPA 10-Step Process


00:00 EFI tuning isn't a difficult or impossible skill to master, when faced with a freshly installed ECU with no start map, many people are scared off by what seems like an impossible job.
00:12 Just like any job though, tuning can be broken down into a number of smaller tasks.
00:16 Each of these tasks can usually be completed quickly and relatively easily, and before you know it, the job of tuning the engine is finished.
00:25 To help you get the best results from each tuning job, we have broken EFI tuning into HPA's 10-step process.
00:32 This process turns a complete tune into manageable tasks, but more importantly if you follow this process on each tuning job, you'll make sure that you avoid costly mistakes which can waste time, money, and possibly even damage an expensive engine.
00:48 The HPA 10-step process takes you through input and output testing, trigger setup, base table configuration, how to set base ignition timing and fuel pressure, getting your engine running during the initial startup, how to tune the idle speed, tuning fuel and ignition timing in steady state on a dyno, full power tuning, and finally validating the tune on the road or racetrack.