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Practical Standalone Tuning: Tuning a Turbocharged Engine

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Tuning a Turbocharged Engine


00:00 - Through the main body of this course, we're going to demonstrate the HPA ten step tuning process on the Dyno using a naturally aspirated engine.
00:08 Now, if you're tuning a turbo-charged or super-charged engine, you may wonder how this is going to relate to your particular tuning task.
00:16 The reality is that regardless whether your engine is naturally aspirated or turbo-charged or super-charged, the way that it responds to both fuel and ignition timing is exactly the same.
00:28 It's just going to be that your air/fuel ratio targets as well as the amount of ignition timing you're going to use will vary compared to what we might expect in a naturally aspirated engine.
00:40 Often the way we actually use the Dyno to perform while tuning on a turbo-charged engine will be very similar to that we use on a naturally aspirated engine.