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Practical Standalone Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 The trigger inputs are some of the most critical that the ECU receives as every calculation is based on the engine RPM and engine position.
00:08 If this information is inaccurate, you will have a lot of trouble when you start tuning.
00:13 Since trigger setup is so important we've separated it into its own module to make it easy to reference when you need to go through the configuration.
00:22 Most modern engines will provide two trigger inputs.
00:25 One will provide the ECU with engine speed while the other will tell the ECU which cylinder is firing.
00:32 While both inputs are needed for sequential injection and direct fire coil on plug ignition many older engines, particularly those with distributors, will only provide an engine speed input.
00:44 Modern engines with variable cam control will also have a cam position sensor for each variable cam shaft so the ECU knows what position the cam is in.
00:54 The principle for setting the different inputs up is the same regardless which particular input you are considering.
01:01 There are some setup differences though, dependent on if your sensor is a reluctor sensor or a hall sensor.
01:08 Fortunately most ECU's simplify the setup process by having pre-configured selections for many popular engines.
01:16 If your engine is covered you simply select the correct trigger pattern and the ECU will take care of the rest.
01:23 You still need to test the triggering though to confirm it's working.
01:27 We're going to look at some of the more critical adjustments that can be made if you're still having trouble with the default configuration.
01:33 I'm going to separate these steps into reluctor and hall for simplicity.

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