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Practical TIG Welding: Boots

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00:00 - The last item on our head to toe PPE checklist is our safety boots and in the Motorsport Fabrication Fundamentals course we described the technical aspects of a steel cap boot and the forces that these are designed to protect us from.
00:14 In this welding course, we still need to keep those safety aspects in mind as it's normal to complete a number of different tasks each time we enter the workshop but for the TIG welding process we generally don't have the level of dangers such as weld spatter that we do with MIG welding.
00:30 We do however still have to manage the risks from molten steel potentially dropping from our TIG weld and the most effective way to do that is with an enclosed leather upper.
00:40 This is a common feature with a lot of work boots and combined with a well fitting pair of overalls, it can eliminate potential for molten weld burns.
00:48 There is another important protection built into any good pair of work boots and that lies in the sole of the boot.
00:55 These soles are designed to be heat resistant at temperatures nearing 300°C.
01:00 In addition, they can also offer electrical insulating properties capable of withstanding upwards of 18,000 volts.
01:09 Should something go wrong electrically with your welder or you're working outside in damp conditions, then this could save your life without you even knowing it.
01:18 By having an enclosed leather upper, an insulated and heat protective sole and a steel or composite cap all built into your work boots, you can be assured that you're going to have the best possible protection for your feet from any accidents that may happen.
01:32 Again, shop around and make sure you're comfortable in your boots.
01:36 Naturally these are going to take some time to wear in but you can be assured that you've got the right protection should anything happen.

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