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Practical TIG Welding: Introduction

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00:00 - I'd like to welcome you along to High Performance Academy's Practical TIG Welding course.
00:05 I'm Andre and as we move through this course, I'll be taking you through everything you need to know about motorsport TIG welding.
00:12 This course is applicable to anyone with an interest in this precise and highly controllable form of welding from the beginner who's looking to purchase the right machine, to the already competent welder who's looking to fine tune their skills.
00:26 Regardless what motorsport discipline you're interested in, welding plays a very important role in the construction and modification of our vehicles and the workshops we service them in and while there's a vast array of different jobs we can do with TIG welding, the machines, processes and techniques remain relatively similar.
00:44 Everything you'll learn within this course is going to be 100% applicable to your own projects.
00:51 Many people rely on the services of a specialised race car fabricator, believing that TIG welding is beyond their skill level.
00:58 This can be a very expensive as well as time consuming exercise and it can also be completely avoided once you realise that this kind of work is totally achievable for the average enthusiast in their own workshop at home provided you have a little patience and you're prepared to put some time into perfecting the skills taught in this course.
01:19 TIG welding relies upon a level of care and attention to achieve the kind of results we're looking for.
01:27 Although the process can be time consuming, the machines, consumables and raw materials are readily available and are usually not that expensive.
01:35 When we combine these raw materials with general fabrication processes and TIG welding, the outcome can be impressive.
01:42 As we progress through the following modules, you'll quickly see that by using the tips and tricks outlined you'll be able to rapidly accelerate your TIG welding abilities.
01:52 We'll start by looking at the TIG welder itself in order to understand exactly how it works and what each part and setting does before moving onto the safety procedures, materials, set ups and processes most commonly used in welding for motorsport.
02:08 With all that covered, we'll then go through a simple 6 step process that you can easily follow to go from proper initial part preparation right through to safety cooling your finished product.
02:19 Before we get started though, it's important for me to clarify that I am not a master welder myself.
02:24 So the obvious question is, why am I here then presenting this TIG welding course? What we've done is leant heavily on the skills and experience of several industry leading welders from around the world, collating their decades of knowledge and presenting it within this course.
02:42 We've done this to ensure that you're learning a wider set of skills from more than just one qualified source by leveraging the specific areas of expertise that these professionals possess.
02:53 As for me, I've been involved in the industry for many decades which means I'm in a good position to present this course.
02:59 I've spent countless hours dealing with fabrication shops, I've employed plenty of in house fabricators and I've also spent plenty of time on the end of a TIG torch myself.
03:10 While my own efforts aren't likely to make it onto weld porn's Instagram feed any time soon, what this experience has allowed me to do is ask the right questions and present the information that I know is vital to anyone wanting to get started with TIG welding.

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