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Practical TIG Welding: Overalls and Aprons

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Overalls and Aprons


00:00 - TIG welding is an extremely clean process but it can put us in awkward situations, especially in many of the motorsport fabrication jobs we'll be doing.
00:09 It's common for example to be upside down, wrapped around a roll cage and welding in some pretty tricky positions.
00:15 Wearing a set of overalls or coveralls as they're commonly known is a great option to protect us from the majority of dangers around the workshop.
00:24 Overalls are designed to slip over our regular clothes and offer an increased level of protection to both our bodies as well as our everyday clothes.
00:32 It's important that these should fit well and offer complete coverage.
00:36 A good fitting pair of overalls will give your forearms complete protection and when these are combined with welding gloves, they should cover and overlap to protect our skin from all types of radiation emitted from the TIG welding arc.
00:50 Our overalls will be subject to repeated exposure to heat and therefore they need to be made of heat resistant cotton, instead of the more common polyester blends.
00:59 This is the number one rule for fabrication overalls as polyester can be flammable which could put you in real danger.
01:07 Even with a good quality pair of cotton overalls, these will end up being damaged if they're constantly being exposed to sparks from close range which is common when we're doing a lot of grinding for instance.
01:19 To offer you more protection and extend the life of your overalls, a handy addition to our protective equipment is the apron.
01:26 Aprons are typically thicker in their construction than cotton overalls and these can be worn over our overalls to offer a greater level of protection or simply over our normal clothes for light duty tasks like the TIG welding process.
01:40 Again, it's very important that these aprons we choose for fabrication aren't made from polyester to protect ourselves against fire risks.
01:48 It's also a good idea to make sure your overalls or apron have a series of pockets that'll allow you to keep some vital tools on you for the welding process.
01:57 If we're inside a car and welding for example, then it may be handy to keep a little pack of pre sharpened tungstens in our top pocket along with a ruler, pencil and our phone for calculations.
02:08 Feeling comfortable is a top priority in TIG welding so shop around for the right overalls and make sure they're of 100% cotton construction.
02:17 Ensure the length and fit also covers your entire body when working in awkward situations and think about the added protection that an apron can give you for the heavier tasks such as grinding and cutting.

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