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Professional Motorsport Data Analysis: Disclaimer

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00:00 - Before going any further, we need to discuss the potential dangers of any form of motorsport.
00:06 It really goes without saying, and it might seem completely obvious but motorsport has the potential to cause injury or death to yourself or others.
00:15 We created this course to give you the tools to analyse and improve your car and the driving of whoever is behind the wheel.
00:22 Beyond the raw data however, it is still your responsibility to apply the results sensibly and to ensure your and your team's safety.
00:32 Firstly we always recommend the use of proper safety equipment in any car that's being used for racing purposes.
00:39 This includes a proper roll cage, race seat, harnesses for the car, a fireproof race suit, helmet and head and neck restraint system for the drivers and the appropriate level of clothing, eye and hearing protection for any crew working in the pits.
00:55 If you're a privateer looking to take things to the next level, aside from taking this course, you should also consider consulting with a professional driving coach at your local racetrack.
01:05 They can be infinitely useful before you even look at the data, ensuring that you have the wheel skills to make the most of your data and to also set a reference lap which is extremely useful when looking for gains in driving using logged data analysis.