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Practical Wiring - Professional Motorsport: Step 10 - Final Installation

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Step 10 - Final Installation


00:00 - The last step of our 10 step process of course is the final fitment of our harness onto our engine.
00:06 And it is important to mention here, after the potting process that we looked at in the last step, we do want to allow the harness around about 12 to 24 hours for that potting compound to fully cure, otherwise there is a risk that we could end up damaging the potting compound if we're handling the harness.
00:26 At this point, if we've done all of the other steps correctly, this should be a relatively straightfoward process with no surprises.
00:34 We shouldn't have any fitment issues and it's essentially a case of performing that final install, connecting all of our actuators and sensors up to the harness and then securing the harness so that it's not going to be moving and run the risk of being abraded through operation.
00:53 Here we can use mounting tabs or stand offs or even zip ties to secure the harness as required, this really depends on the budget and the application as well as the specifics of where the harness is routed.
01:07 So this concludes our worked example on our FJ40 engine harness.
01:13 As usual, if you do have any questions on this particular worked example, please ask those in the forum and I'll be happy to answer them there.

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