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Variable Cam Control Tuning: Conclusion

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00:00 - At this point, you should have a solid understanding of the hardware and control strategies associated with the various methods of cam control as well as how changes to the cam timing events will affect the operation and performance of your engine.
00:13 Most importantly though you now have a simple step by step process that you can apply to configuring and optimising a range of different types of cam control system.
00:23 From here you can now watch the HPA cam tuning process being applied from start to finish in our worked example library.
00:31 This will help reinforce the lessons from the course and give you a more thorough understanding of how they're applied to a range of different engines and ECU tuning platforms..
00:41 The worked example library will be added to over time however even if the engines or ECUs used in our library now don't exactly match your specific situation, they'll still be a valuable resource to compliment the main body of this course.
00:56 Just like any new skill, learning how to optimise your cam timing will require time and practice in order to become proficient at it but by following the information in this course, you'll be in the best place to start putting your knowledge into practice.
01:09 Remember that while this course covers the specifics of cam control tuning, it does assume you're already comfortable with general EFI tuning.
01:18 If this course has made you question any of your existing tuning knowledge, then our EFI Tuning Fundamentals, Understanding AFR and Practical Tuning courses are an excellent resource to complete your tuning knowledge.
01:31 If you have any questions regarding this course, then please feel free to ask the in the forum and I'll be happy to answer them there.
01:38 At the bottom of every module, there's a form that allows you to directly ask questions on that module in the forum.