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Variable Cam Control Tuning: Introduction

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00:00 - In this worked example, we're going to be applying the HPA 5 step cam tuning process to this V11 Subaru STi.
00:07 This is a Japanese domestic market variant of the STi which means that it comes with a 2 litre quad variable cam control version of the EJ series so this is a little different to the Australian and US domestic market models which typically have the 2.5 litre engine.
00:23 The ECU that we have fitted to this is a Haltech Elite 2500.
00:29 That'll be controlling all of the cam functionality as well as the rest of the engine functions.
00:34 Mechanically the engine is essentially completely standard.
00:37 We have made some light modifications to the turbocharger side of things in that we're running a Kinugawa turbo that is slightly larger than stock.
00:47 Still runs the split pulse exhaust housing though, just like the factory JDM variant.
00:53 In terms of the rest of the system we have a 3 inch turbo back exhaust, I've got a high flow catalytic converter and we've got an aftermarket air filter in the factory air box.
01:03 The mechanical condition of the engine is essentially very close to stock.
01:07 What we can expect with that Kinugawa turbo though is that the boost response is going to be a little bit more sluggish than stock so if you're comparing this to a factory turbocharger, that's why you will see the boost response is a little bit laggier as we get further through the tuning process.
01:24 It's worth mentioning that with our ECU installation we are actually making use of a Haltech adaptor harness however this has been modified given that the adaptor harness that Haltech supplied is for their Australian domestic market variant which only has the variable inlet cams so we've made some changes to that harness to add in the exhaust cam control.