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Wiring Fundamentals: Introduction

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00:00 - It seems to be relatively common that people are apprehensive about tackling the wiring side of their automotive project.
00:06 There is a misconception that automotive wiring is a type of black magic, requiring high level specialist knowledge and expensive tools to approach.
00:15 If you've ever opened a factory service manual for a fuel injected vehicle and thumbed through the usually quite hefty electronic section, you can be forgiven for thinking this.
00:23 As initially the diagrams and explanations given in these manuals seem overwhelming and confusing.
00:29 The reality is that there is no black magic however.
00:32 And throughout this course you will learn that by grasping some basic electrical principals, the operation of some basic diagnostic tools, and understanding some key wiring techniques, these diagrams can be quickly broken down into isolated sections, allowing you to understand how the EFI system operates as a whole and how it needs to be wired.
00:52 This knowledge will allow you to construct a tidy, reliable and robust EFI wiring harness.
00:58 As this section of the course aims to teach some basic electrical principles, there will inevitably be some theory and math involved.