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4 port boost solenoid vs dual 3 port solenoids

Boost Control

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The past couple of days I've been in a discussion with my friend Phillip regarding 4 port boost solenoid vs dual 3 port solenoids to control boost with single and twin wastegate setups.

Why would someone opt for one or the other? Myles from English racing and Phillip are both making big power (800+hp) and use a b18c. Phillips car is strictly a drag car. This is the first time I've seen a dual solenoid setup preferred over a 4 port. In an interview, Myles says right now no matter what he does his boost creeps to 28psi and he has 6.5psi wastegate springs. Phillip finally ran a 9 second pass with boost at 11psi in 1st, 24psi in 2nd and 45psi in 3rd and 4th gear

I'm just trying to understand what boost control setup works best on specific applications like big turbo high hp drag/roll race cars, "mid frame" gt30/gt35 street cars, etc.

A tuner known as vitviper in the honda community recently started working for motec but originally worked with hondata to test 4 port solenoids and has made over 900 whp on k20's and f20c's using 4 port solenoids.

Are you running a single wastegate or two?

If single you can indeed use a 4 port or 2 x 3-ports (as long as your ecu supports phase and anti-phase properly).

In most circumstances the two setups work very similarly, however with the 2 x 3 ports you can change your linearisation curve for both phase and anti-phase thus giving you a little more flexibility and control.

If no hardware limitations (I.e wastegate placement etc’) both tuned correctly with your PID settings dialled in will be capable of giving a smooth and stable curve.

Right now my car isn't turbocharged but I will be running a single wastegate. Just curious because my friend does not like 4 ports and says dual 3 ports is the way to go as does myles. Until now I haven't been given an explanation on why.


What ECU is he running and what ECU will you be running?

Like said above there isn’t really any difference to running a 4-port other than being able to change the calibration curve of each solenoid on the phase and anti phase with 2 x 3-ports.

Its only really Pectel, Syvecs/Life that can run phase and anti phase properly.

and GEMS/Simtek.

The 4 port valve is really only necessary if you want or need to extend the boost range you're running beyond what can be achieved with a single 3 port valve. The downside is that this increase in boost range comes at the expense of resolution. What I mean by this is that each percentage increase in duty cycle on a 4 port makes a larger change to the boost pressure than you'd see on a 3 port. This can make your boost control tuning a little more sensitive too. Dual 3 ports potentially van give you the best of both worlds depending how the ECU is used to control them.

Awesome, I'll definitely try both setups on my car.

phillip ran his 9 second pass on hondata s300 I'm 99.9% sure.

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