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4 port vs 3 port boost solenoid

Boost Control

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Hi, I am currrently tunning an external wastegate with 2 ports. Currently I am using a 3 port boost solenoid, and I'd like to know if using a 4 port BCS or dual 3 port BCS(phase/antiphase) will make the turbo spool faster? I think that the answer is yes because the 4 port will keep the WG closed even if backpressure will tend to open it right? Is there a signifant difference between the 2 setup?

and if I choose tu use dual 3-port BCS do I really need to tune them in phase antiphase? Or can I tune them seperately?

If anybody can give a feedback about that it could be nice.

Best Regards

there is a small gain in response in most tunes,

when i run two three ports i drive them off the same aux out put as the brand i use does not allow two different outputs

this may also be a limiting factor for you

Thank for your answer. My ecu does not allow natively. But I can tune one of them as a general pwm output. I do prefer this solution over a 4 port as I’m afraid of loosing to much tuning résolution. What would you advice me? My main goal is improve spooling as my turbo is really large for my engine displacement .

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