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Hi guys,

There seems to be different opinions regarding the boost signal source for a 3 port MAC Solenoid, some say pickup the signal from the compressor housing some say off the inlet manifold/plenum?

Can anyone shed some light on the pros/cons of both locations?



What you will find is that there is a slight pressure drop through the plumbing system so the pressure at the compressor outlet will be highest and this may be helpful if you want to be able to keep the boost as low as possible for a given spring pressure. You may find that the manufacturers of some external wastegates recommend not to take the pressure source from the inlet manifold post throttle as this will apply vacuum to the diaphragm which could be potentially damaging depending on the wastegate design.

Personally I usually take the pressure source from somewhere pre throttle and this will usually be wherever is most convenient.

Thanks for the explanation Andre