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Hi guys,

I'm a bit confused on waste gate duty cycle. For example I am adjusting Load Requested in an OEM file for up to 19psi, from 10psi. So should I leave my waste gate DC map the same as it was, or the boost won't be building consistently and it won't follow my Load Request path?

Do I need to add more Duty Cycle in places where the turbo is good for, then leave the lower columns stock (since this turbo goes back to 10psi @ 6000rpm annyway) its a small turbo.

If I get overshoot, I control it through "D". If I get unstable taper, control it through "I". And "P" is usually left alone. In the PID maps.

Am I right?

Please specify the engine and vehicle. It sounds Like it is torque model based stock ECU, so a German car like a VW or an American car. Please post a lot of the engine doing a WOT pull as is currently, including Watergate duty cycle and related parameters.

you basically set your WGDC up with no PID to as close to the desired boost as possible, then re-introduce the PID to keep it in a closed loop. With it being in a OE ECU you may not be able to deactivate the closed loop controls totally so you'll need to tune with them active, with that taken into consideration you want to be setting up your WGDC so that there is as little activity in the PID system as possible