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boost solenoid duty cycle and frequency

Boost Control

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does running 100% duty cycle on boost solenoid effect its longevity? should there be a maximum value?

and is it possible to increase boost by changing the frequency?



100 percent duty will not hurt the solenoid in any way,

I normally don't like using any more than 60 percent if possible as I would rather respring the wastegate and use the boost controller to fine-tune the boost map where possible

Just to add to this, the boost solenoid will have an "optimum" or native operating frequency.

Moving the frequency you drive it at will affect the minimum and maximum duty cycles the valve will work at.

As an example, duties below 15% on MAC 3 port solenoids often will not effectively switch them, and above 85% there will be little difference in its ability to bypass air, as it is almost being held open. 4 port solenoids often take more duty again to get operating due to the larger plunger assembly.

If you were to change the frequency you were operating the valve at, from 25hz to 40hz, you may find the upper and lower effective operating duty range.

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