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Can same CR stock's piston or higher compression ratio piston in Turbo Charger Setup?

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I heard that if run a high compression ratio piston in turbo charge setup will give a fast response in boost and speed.

But there's a problem with knock. How to properly tune to eliminate or minimize knock in the high CR pistons in Turbo charger setup?

This is a rather complex subject, and not something I'm qualifyed to discuss in depth, but I will open comments with -

CR and boost are normally a compromise and where that compromise lies depends on the fuel that is used. Higher CR increases efficiency off boost, but limits the boost that can be used, and vice versa.

Peak torque will normally be achieved just short of ignition induced knock - if the engine timing can be advanced beyond peak torque it could use more compression and/or boost, whereas if the engine knocks before peak torque is reached then it has too much compression, boost, insufficient fuel octane, or the charge temperatures may be too high.

Depending on the specific vehicle, and the piston design - even without knock, the additional loading on the piston may result in failure of the lands or crown.

My engine is Honda L15A7 with NA stock CR of 10.4:1. What's CR should I choose for turbo setup?

What kind of boost level you're gonna apply? What is octane ratio of your fuel?