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Closed Loop Boost Control

Boost Control

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I am interested in completing the boost control course but while looking at the curriculum I noticed that motec ecu is being used. Is it safe to assume that motec and haltech are similar in terms of setting up CLBC? Its not a deal breaker if not as I'm more interested in the PID portion of the course since I believe that's what seems to be giving me the most trouble.

My R32 GTR w/ Haltech platinum pro has been running great but as temps have been dropping here and Germany I noticed that I am getting a very brief sputter when coming on boost especially if I am coming on the throttle at a higher RPM. from a lower RPM (3000) boost comes in normal with minimal/no spike. If I zero out the Integral portion of the PID boost will peak and hold regardless of when I press the throttle. Some would say problem solved, but this issue did not exist when it was warmer outside. I'm hoping to get a better understanding of the boost control setting.

R32 GTR w/ intakes & exhaust. target boost 14 psi.

MAC 3-port valve controlled by ecu. (verified working properly)

The Haltech is far simpler to set up than the Motec and the process that's covered in the course is still 100% relevant. The PID section I feel is probably the most valuable part as this is something that most tuners don't understand properly. Haltech do present their PID gains in what I'd consider to be a little odd as they are just raw values and much different to the sort of values you'd expect to use in a Motec or Link for example. The raw values however can still be tuned as discussed in the course.

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