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Closed Loop Boost Control

Boost Control

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Hello. hope this finds you well, I am currently attempting to tune a haltech pro plug in using the closed loop boost control method. the car has a tial ewg 44 mm and a gtx on subaru car. i have 0 P I and D settings and 0 closed loop base duty. target boost is set at 14.7 psi for now. ewg has a 14.5 psi spring. in open loop the car controls the boost as it should. in closed loop the car overshoots the target to 20 psi. remember that all the P I D settings and WG are 0. What am i overlooking?

Can you data log the system and post the lag as a CSV file? If you can, we can look at what the system is doing. The faster the data rate is, the better.


hey here is a data log as you requested. thank you

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Can you upload your current calibration please?

Hello Andre. Thank you for the reply. What do you mean by current calibration? The P I D settings are all 0 and wastegate is also 0. Will get you a better log asap.

I think he is asking about your Rom, Map...

Yes, the actual map from your ECU. The tune file.

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