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closed loop boost control

Boost Control

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When gathering data for closed loop boost control, is it best to choose a gear that is the median of operation? Or should I gather data in all gears. I understand that the response between gears will differ, but to get a baseline for Pid's I would assume a 2nd gear pull would be a decent starting point? After that, I could use the gear based duty cycle trims to keep it in check? Or what are your successful procedures for dialing in closed loop boost control?

Hello if you are road tuning i would be using 3 gear if possible

if you are on a dyno use forth gear

Regards Ross


Can you explain your reasoning for choosing 3rd and 4th? Is it due to the rate of acceleration (RPM/sec), effective load, or road safety?

David, I would assume that the acceleration rate is the reason. Slow enough that the Ecu logger can gather data at a reasonable rate. And being on the road for 3rd gear, keeps you at a reasonable speed in the public.

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