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Hi / Low boost control

Boost Control

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Hi all, really struggling to get my head around something that is probably really simple and am just after some clarification.

ECU is a link atom g4+.

Boost control by way of 3 port MAC valve.

I want to be able to have a 2 position switch in cabin that allows me to change from wastegate boost pressure as the low setting and then a high boost setting as determined by ecu tuning while still having the ecu control boost when on low.

Just getting a lot of conflicting information and it's confusing me.

How I am picturing the wiring should be;

12v to the switch. Off is 0v to Digital Input (DI) pin to determine wastegate pressure. On is 12v to same DI pin to give hi boost setting.

12v to MAC valve and second wire should be connected to an AUX out from ECU.

Is this all correct or am I missing a ground/sensor ground somewhere.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dave yes you are correct but you can wire the di to a switch and then the other wire to earth

in the ecu set the aux you have wired to the boost controller as boost control

turn the Di to gp input and turn the pull up to on now press f12 and scroll across to the digital inputs in the run time table that has just popped up tick the di switch and watch the di turn off and on

that should work fine the orientation can be changed by changing the edge to rising or falling

then go to boost control settings and select multi tables then select 2 tables

then you can set up the boost you want either in closed or open loop

OK cheers for that. That sounds much easier when it's all put like that. I will run the switch to ground , saves another fuse. I'm guessing you only really need voltage when wanting more than one setting on a rotary toggle etc.