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Interrupt style boost control

Boost Control

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Hello everyone

I recently went from bleed style control on a 3 port to an interrupt style on the same vehicle. The reason for this was because of the turbo upgrade on the vehicle.

The story is as follows. (OPEN LOOP)On bleed style plumbing it spools well but constantly overshoots the target even with tuning breakpoints smaller to the target and after.(closed loop)on bleed there is consistent overshooting on WOT and once closed loop control kicks in it oscillates no matter how close base duty and using PID controls.

While going to interrupt mode where a tee is used and both the top and bottom of the external gate is used, it is quite managable and consistent. However as rpm rises so does boost and in turn while calibrating the map it tapers in duty cycle in order to maintain the same boost level. I also find that it is a little slower to spool as well.

Has anyone else encountered this trend with interrupt style control?

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Hello can you give some more info what ecu are you using and what controller valve

Regards Ross

It is a 3 port mac valve routed to a tial 44mm mvr external gate. I am running both the top and bottom port of the gate using the tee method(push/pull)Running an elite 2500 with a gtx3576r. Solenoid is being run at 31hz.

I feel as though im getting a bit of creep due to where the gate is mounted and the angle it sits. The base duty starts at 33% at 3000 and is at 25.7% by redline in order to maintain target boost.

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