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OEM ECU boost diagnostic limit

Boost Control

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Running larger turbos that can run more boost than an OEM ECU boost diagnostic limit will allow

Hi Andre.

I have a particular situation where there is a hard diagnostic limit of 22psi boost on a Bosch Mevd17.2.9 Ecu. Running larger turbo that is capable of 25psi what would your take be on using PID to overshoot the 22psi limit to a new overboost target of 24psi? I know there are piggy back systems that will allow for an over boost but I'm looking to use PID instead of a piggy back.

I'm keen to hear if you've ever been faced with diagnostic limits and wanting to run more boost with larger turbos.

In this scenario, would you still recommend setting the PID controller to 0 and dial in WGDC to attain the 24psi target and then make slight changes to PID to allow PID to be used to control the boost going forward.


Perhaps the OEM ECU isn't a good match for this project. If you can't disassemble the OEM code and learn how to patch a hard-coded limit, why not change to using better tools that allow this to be easily set / controlled?