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PID Numbers on Haltech

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I just got done watching the Boost Control course. Very well done! PID makes a lot more sense to me than it ever has. When you are discussing the starting points for P/D you mention the base numbers of .1-.5 for Proportional. That doesn't seem to correspond with what Haltech (Elite) allows for. Can you elaborate on what the correct starting point for this ECU is or what they are referencing?



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I haven't had much to do with the Elite yet so I just took the opportunity to chat with Haltech about their functionality. I couldn't get a complete answer for you and a tech is coming back to me so I'll clarify when I have all the information. It's not uncommon for ECU manufacturers to take their own angle on how to implement PID control and my guess is that's exactly what Haltech have done in the Elite.

I'll give you a more complete run down when I have accurate information to share with you. For now though it seems that Haltech are recommending solely using integral gain (hence the P and D gains are zero). You can use the approach we discuss in the course of doubling these values to see what the effect of this is. By making some large initial changes to the integral gain and watching the effect, you will find a range of values over which the gain offers good control.

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