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SCG-1 Boost Controller stuck on 43.8

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Not sure what happened, but turned on my car one day and the solenoid boost controller is at a static 43.8.

My stock media display still shows my correct PSI.

Would anyone know where to start in troubleshooting this?

This came with the car, so im not too sure where to start.


I believe you're saying you have two different systems displaying current intake manifold pressure and one of them is now always reading 43.8 psi?

If so, it sounds like your system likely has a 4 bar MAP sensor which has either failed, or wiring may have shorted, causing the input to the module to receive 5V on the signal wire from the MAP sensor.

Hi Mike,

Appreciate your response!

Yes, the SCG-1 Boost Controller Gauge is showing that 43.8, and for a minute my AFR was showing, but that has now stopped showing completely.

Any recommendations on where to start?

Change the sender is the most likely, but checking the wiring for a break or damage might be where to look, if you're lucky.

What Gord said. :)

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