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Sudden dip in boost pressure at specific RPM.

Boost Control

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While tuning a RB26 GT-R R32 on a dyno, I have started noticing a sudden dip in boost pressure right before 6000rpm. Right before the dip, WGDC is at around 40%. After that point WGDC needs to be increased by around 10%DC to keep up my boost target. I cannot think of a reason for the sudden drop. Can it be a boost leak/BOV cracking open? The BOV is very difficult to access for adjustment but we tried listening near it but cannot hear any leak.

Had multiple runs and the dip always happens at the same spot. Also looking at the dyno plot, the dip in boost is also where the peak torque should be.

Boost drop log

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Attached is the dyno plot showing the dip at peak torque in nm.

Attached Files

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