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T3 Turbo manifold adjusted to twin scroll Honda B16

Boost Control

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We made of a lot of spare parts a Honda B16 Turbo Setup, with semi built engine and T3 Twinscroll turbo.

We adjusted the Turbo manifold to twin scroll, (it was a regular T3 flange first) so we cut the flange off and welded on a T3 twin scroll turbo flange, we also welded another wastegate connection, so it has 2 Wastegates.

But we didn't change the tubes from the exhaust ports to the Flange, so, now this setup, has: regular T3 tubes from engine to flange, Twin Scroll flange, with divider in the piping to 2 wastegates, but connected on the left side of the flange cilinder 1 and 4, the right side 2 and 3. For a full twin scroll setup, Cilinder 1 and 3 and 2 and 4 should line up in the flange. Will the setup as we have it work, can we control the boost or not?

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For a twin scroll it should be 1&4, and 2&3, as you have.

Because of the space limitations on the manifold, had you considered mounting the wastegate on the turbo-charger housing?

I made typo, 1 and 2, and 3 and 4 are connected to the twin scroll flange, I know it needs to be otherwise, but the question is, will it work this way, maybe not as supposed to be. But is it possible to control the boost this way?

Yes, it will work just fine.