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Would like to know the final process after completing tuning the closed loop boost control. Is the case that once boost control is set, do i go back to my VE and Igniton table and focus now in the middle part and upper part of the tables?. Now that i have a set boost point, it would change the AFR in those areas and would have to go conservative in the Ignition table at the highest load area by doing ramp runs in the middle and upper case of the load. The much higher boost would completely change the ignition table as set before boost control was tuned.

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What ECU are you using and what are the details of the engine and mods?

The tuning is somewhat iterative. Generally though as you adjust your boost set point you'll also be optimising your fuel and ignition. In particular the ignition timing can have a knock on effect on the boost level since particularly if the timing is very retarded it will create more heat in the exhaust which then drives the turbo harder and increases boost.

So essentially what i'm saying is that if you're targeting 25 psi boost then you're not going to be going straight there on your very first ramp run. You'll always start on the lowest boost you can achieve (wastegate spring pressure) and build up from there while dialling in your wastegate duty cycle, fuel and ignition.

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