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VNT Boost Control

Boost Control

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Can you give any advice on the control of a VNT using a pneumatic actuator.

I am on a 1KD with upgraded VNT Turbo.

I currently have the actuator connected directly to Compressor Discharge Pressure. Basic Open Loop Control.

This allows me to reach my boost target of 30psig. I am also using fueling to maintain a smoother boost. This gives an element of a closed loop control to try and prevent overboost.

My only shortfall is that I cannot get to max boost until around 3100rpm. Before this it holds around 20psig.

I am thinking of installing the AEM TruBoost gauge to give an independent Closed Loop Control to bring the boost target into the earlier rev ranges.

I will also be installing an EGT Gauge and a Wideband AFR. Exhaust system has been upgraded to support the larger turbo and flow.

Unfortunately I don't have an Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor, so will have to play it by ear and the other sensors.

Thanks for any advice.