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Wastegate plumbing

Boost Control

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Is it normal to see the vacuum line from the turbo actuator hooked into the recirculating bypass valve ? How could the boost control solenoid control pressure like this when its not connected to the Wastegate? or am i missing something ?

Hi Davie could you draw a diagram of where the plumbing is going to and from and any other hoses connected

regards Ross

This is what i remember the actuator was plumbed right to the recirculating valve built into the compressor housing, so i see no way the boost controller can divert air away from the actuator, no lines at all from the boost solenoid went to the turbo bypass actuator, its not set up correct ?

A boost pressure feed should go to that built in recirculating valve right ?

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Hello it can either be vented to fresh air or sent back in loke you are showing to stop anything being sucked into the valve either way no issue

Sorry i think you are misunderstanding my question , so forget the boost controller take that out of the situation , and see the turbo actuator has a vacuum line into the recirculating bypass valve. Is that normal to see ? And why because i cant understand how that could control the actuator electronically i know boost pressure would open the actuator at a set level and hold ot open but again forget that too, my concern is the vacuum line from turbo actuator to the bypass valve pressure feed ?


does it come from the same side of the actuator diaphragm as the boost controller hose ? I would be thinking it will be on the other side and be not doing anything at all.

Can you see my picture ? Yeah i think your right this way it does nothing at all

This turbo is like the borg with built in bypass valve from a ford focus ST it is a bypass valve is it ?

In my picture if you just forget the boost control , and see the line off the turbo actuator to the bypass valve nothing is going to happen right?

Am i right along the lines no boost pressure is going to hold the bypass shut ? And thus make not much boost this way

Thanks for helping be good to understand all this

New pic atatched

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The blow off valve on the turbo needs to be plumbed to a vacuum port in the manifold that sees vacuum when the throttle plate is closed and boost when the throttle plate is open. I’m struggling to see in your pictures what is actually on that hose that is why I asked where it is plumbed into the wastegate, but hopefully the too part of this explains what it should see and if it’s not change the plumbing to make it work like above.

Thats what i thought thanks ross

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