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2004 VQ35DE Infinti G35

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11:1 compression Eagle rods/ Wiesco pistons

BC Stage 2 cams w/Springs (264* at 10.82mm lift)

HR cooling mod with Cometic Headgaskets

ARP L19's and Main Studs

Rev-Up Oil Pump

5/16 Plenum Spacer

Haltech Redbox Piggyback ECU

05 G35 Rev-up intake

OBX longtubes, into HKS replica exhaust\

Walbro 255 pump

CJM Stg 1 Fuel Return System

Stock 290cc injectors

There is no one close that is willing to tune the car since im using a older Piggy Back system so i'm going to weather the storm and try to do it my self with the help of everyone here.

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Hi Jason,

Welcome to HPA, is there a reason you've went with a piggy back system rather than Uprev?

Chris, when the car had a stock motor it was procharged and being tuned with Uprev. I had to buy the Tuner version so tuner back home could tune it but he wasn't familiar with the software and popped my engine due to to much timing :-( . So i sold Uprev and went with this piggy back for more safety features and ease of tuning. Looking back i should have just stayed with uprev since nobody seems to want to touch the piggy back and prefers Uprev and now with the ARC licenses it unlocks some amazing features.

Here is the full story of the car

Stage 1-

Stage 2-