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Fiesta ST AutoX Setup

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Hey Racecraft Team!

I'm actively entering the Auto Cross Scene with a heavily modified 2016 Fiesta ST. It's a daily driver turned weekend car now, and there's no going back to stock, as I've gone too far. I'd rather drive the car I wanted to own/build, than go back to stock and really "Compete" at lower car class. For me, it's all about a fun hobby and becoming a better driver! So the Current Build:


16x8 Konig Dekagrams

205/45/R16 Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R

EBC USR Slotted Front & Rear Rotors | EBC Red Stuff Front & Rear Pads

StopTech Steel Braided Brake lines

Suspension Components

BC Racing Coilovers - STOCK Springs

Whiteline Adjustable End Links

Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar

DNA Racing Rear Camber Plates - 1.5º

Chassis Bracing

TB Performance Front Traction Bar

DNA Racing Rear Strut Brace


Whoosh Motorsports Catless Downpipe

CP-e Catback Exhaust

Mishimoto Cold Air Intake

Cobb Access Port w/ JST Custom E40 Ethanol Tune

Deadhook Motorsports FMIC

Misc Parts

Mele Design Firm Battery Box

Odyssey PC680 battery

Deadhook Motorsports Crash Bar

Future Parts/Plans

Quaife ATB Differential (Staring at the box on my table right now)

Remove rear roll bar and install DNA Adjustable Bar

Change out the stock BC Racing Springs for some up rate Swift Springs

Powerflex Front Sway Bar Bushings

Remove Fog Lights and install brake ducts

Hybrid Turbo

Attached Files

Sorry for the lousy formatting! I swear it's the forum software lol.

Nice setup Matt! That should be an absolute blast and we hope you have a lot of fun competing. I've been in the same situation myself where I've started with a street car and tried to make it also a competitive race car. It's hard to do both well and at some point you're going to end up compromising one or the other. It sounds like you've decided to focus more on the race than the street which is what I always seem to do too!

Yes absolutely haha. You can always get another daily beater or grocery getter!

The old blame the forum for bad formatting game eh. Tut tut haha

Just kidding, it will be the forum. It is on our to-do list but we have a few other things to get through first as it functions OK for now.

More importantly, nice build! Already looking well setup =D

Thanks! I’m really looking forward to dropping that gear box and putting the Quaife in! From what I hear, it practically transforms the car!

(no one wants to be just ok

You may find this of interest - https://www.sbdmotorsport.co.uk/index.php/newssection/newss/70

I'm a big fan of starting with something a bit 'underpowered' and learning how to drive it before chasing the 'power', known a few drivers who only know how to be fast using the throttle, never learning the importance of braking, corner speed or the importance of the driving 'line'.

You have a very nicely balanced car that is going to be a lot of fun, teach you a lot, and not be too expensive to run.

@Gord There are a few companies making cams for the Fiesta. I'm not interested in cams, as I have not run out of fuel on the stock DI system. Most people adding bigger turbos leave the stock fuel system alone and add port injection to get past stock fuel limits. It's much cheaper than a HP & LP Fuel Pump and a new cam setup.

Also, there are US Fiesta builds hitting well over DOUBLE WHP on the stock block. So I'm loving this little 1.6 engine! No need for me to build the engine for my daily driving and weekend autocross purposes.