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My Ford Fiesta MK6, "Bastard", 2.8 24v VR6T, 4wd "Rallycross Style"

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Starting a build tread for my car project.

The plan for now is:

- Ford Fiesta MK6 (2003)

- BMW E60 535xi front and rear subframes/diffs.

- BMW Z4 steering rack with Opel el-servo.

- BMW F10 550xi ATC350 transfer box, DIY controller

- BMW 530d gearbox.

- VW 2.8 24v (BDE) VR6 motor, turbo, mild antilag. DBW.

Build is going to be rallycross style, with öhlins or proflex suspension.

Full widebody kit i GRP.

Preliminary photos of a friends car with same bodykit/style. I will add big rallycross rear wing.

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A lot of work and creation there, enjoy the build ! look promising and fun .

Alot of the collected parts.

Still waiting for the front subframe and driveshafts.

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This is going to be awesome man!

Impressive setup.