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My low budget Ford sierra p100 project with a 5cylinder 20v (b5254t)

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Greetings from Denmark

I recently started this slow phase budget project for a new daily driver one day.

It's a ford sierra p100 from 1992 which needs a lot of care to before it can be my daily, so at the moment its all about welding rust when I have the time needed

the plans is:

around 350-400hp from a volvo 5-cylinder 2.5liter 20v (b5254t)

a multilink or double a-arm rear suspension

ford sierra rs500 front end, and fender flares

and loads more but I'm not sure yet where it's ending so won't be promising anything yet.. thinking stuff like 4x4, carbon bed etc. but lets see

I will try updating when anything new happens to this project :)

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The new complete b5254t motor was on the weight and surprisingly heavy 289.5kgs with the pallet and automatic gearbox even though its a aluminum block

it's a 5cylinder 2.5 liter 20v turbo without vvt

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Here is how it started with the late model front

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Does “budget build” just mean low funds, high quality? I feel like people forget to recognize that when people say “budget build.” If you’re planning on having it be 4x4, are you keeping the same trans? Or are you gonna have to go Audi to match? If so will you need to shorten the driveshaft to make it fit? Or can you just make it work? Try to be specific with what you answer, wanna send as much love as possible to your build! Nice daily, wish I was in it man!

Hi Austin4ord first of thank you, most my friends is hating on the project, so really nice to get one on the other side ;) ...

It's low funds at the moment because i'm putting my money into one of my bmw 02 projects which i'm getting close to being done with, but it's only a original restoration project and not a restomod, so i don't think it has any interest in here :)

About the quality. its not gonna be with rocket ship materials but done with mostly used parts I'm gathering when I stumble upon the right part and price.

The plan is to keep it as low cost as possibly with parts from other cars with an ealie first production date as possibly .. because of the complex mot rules we have in denmark when it comes to custom and pullution.. it's identity as a ford p100 from 92 will be lost so they calculate the new year of birth by factoring on the year of production of various parts (swingarms, uprights, motor, brakes etc.) and therefore if i use new parts it would be under a newer euro smog law and much more.. :)

about the trans i'm not settled yet which direction i wanna go it's either gonna be a volvo m90 5-speed gearbox or an e92 m3 dct gearbox..

the 4x4 is gonna be throgh a transferbox from a diesel bmw xi, not settled which one yet. and then homemade and balanced probshaft to make it fit to the front diff.. but im up of suggestions because i'm unsure how to manage the electronics in how much torque its delivering to the front, worst case is that i make it fixed manualy. but that's not fun :)

front and rear diff is gonna be from a sierra cosworth because there is a load of gear ratios for those diffs from quaife, and then i can also use the driveshafts and uprights from a sierra cosworth as they are bolt on, and cheap to get the parts for.

7th gear in the bmw e92 dct is 1:1 so i'm gonna calculate which final drives that's gonna fit my needs on the road, I wan't to be able to cruise with high speed/low rpm on the autobahn in germany were there isn't any speed limits ;)

Got 24m2 carbon-fiber from a freind, its high quality, they use it for the wings on a windmills they are 1300grams per m2 so quite heavy, but it would be really good for the bed on the pick-up with some honeycomb in the middle to make a good floor in it

I still need a vuccum pump, bags and resin..

but that comes later, still need to weld the bed for pick up done and have a good surface before me and my buddy can make moulds for it. he is educated in making moulds and fabricating carbon fiber so its gonna be nice to know the basics of that :)

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I have a BMW z3 "2.3" 2000 with a M52tuB25.. go figure bmw -_-

Would our engines have similar torque? Would mine at the same time be able to rev out and reach that hp goal bc of lack of concerning secondary imbalance while at the same time your B5254t would rev quicker because of a lighter rotting assembly?

P.S. Ill put one of those B5254t's in a quattro one day. LOVE the awd.. HAD a suBlueru. Need the 54 motor, 54 was my dads racing number, and now its my turn. I got 44, but gotta rep the 54 one last time. Quattro. Tweak that throttle. Make your knuckles touch your wrist. Heel to the carpet. Well sometimes, but that stuff doesn't really go away.

Cool project man, I really like seeing cool oddball stuff. Hope your project is still going well.

i know the primary and secondary imbalancing is good on your m52b25 but that's pretty much it.. if youre a bimmer guy i will post some pictures of my bmw 02 collection (have 16x bmw 02´s (e10 and e6´s) 3x 02Tii and one really rare 02Ti e10 from 1969 the rest is regular 02´s but they are all 4bangers.. but back to the subject Austin4ord, The secondary imbalance is really good on a b5254t as the crank has 72degrees between pistons being at tdc, but the primary imbalancing is not good.. but damn i just love the sound of a 5cylinder which is the main reason why i wanted this engine.. I think you´re m52b25 would have less torque i'm pretty sure in stock configuration compared to eachother.. it's has 75mm stroke, mine has 90mm stroke, and a turbo to help it getting there in.. try seach on some dyno charts to compare them if you want, that would give a better picture..

first off I would had bought a JZDA engine as i found one from a totaled RS for cheap moneys in denmark (2800us dollars) but i got sold quick. which is the same engine just with more meat on weak spots in the block casting(been reading this from a ford rs lovin forum so i dont know if this is correct with the casting being stronger on the RS models).. the JZDA it volvo´s version 3 of the t5 and it has vvt and 93,2mm stroke, better stock pistons and rods. compared to the the b5254t I got, which has 90mm of stroke.. The JZDA is the engine Ford put in the RS MK2 but they are not to be found anywhere since that offer i had on one, and when they appear the price tag is nuts on them..

At the moment im thinking about buying a JZDA block if i can find one with a cracked cylinder.

And then the JZDA block is gonna be fitted with b5204 parts so it's destroked to 77mm and has double vvt

I would like to get it sleeved even though block cracking its not and issue on these power levels, but maybe it is, because I want to twin screw supercharge it with a high boost in the bottom and mid range and then letting go of boost when it comes up to the 400hp and then keep it a the power goal of 400hp for as long as possible. (beacause of danish mot rules is the main reason for this)

but how to manipulate the boost in the best way i'm unsure off,???????? PLEASE HELP BE ONE THIS SUBJECT any suggentions will be considered as i'm a bit lost (I know turbo would be the 1. answer but it's not gonna be a turbo...)

Should it be a wastegate used as a BOV or a secondary throttle by wire used as a BOV or maybe the turbosmart EM-BOV any other suggestions? or maybe some know how?, to get it right on the target 400 hp for as long as possible in the rev range. It got to be really quick/accurate adjusting as well, what to do in such application..????

Ridinhigh1500 Jonathan frierson: the sierra project it´s at a planning phase only at this moment as the car need to moved from the old scrapyard i worked at, and out to my own workshop. and i'm at the moment trying to sort out how on want to build my 2002 touring from 1972 as i'm done with the restoration of it except the engine. and that 02 project when its done should finance my sierra project, so there sierra p100 project is on a hold at the moment.. i can post a few pictures of the 02 project. in here.. maybe i should change the thread name to "My route to getting my sierra p100 on the road" hehe :)

here is 14x of my BMW 2002´s projects. I have two more, which is not it the picture, in poor condition but they are still restorable.. the most rare of them is my two 2002 touring Tii, one sedan 2002 Tii and a single 2002 Ti from 1969 which is really rare. the rest is just regular 2002 in sedan and touring versions (e10 and e6)

then i also have a hate and love relastionship with a mercedes w123, im gonna finish one day, but now is not it. i have bought all the parts for it. to build in a almost stock condition except some old rare BBS front spoiler, a rear BBS rubber spoiler (Not NOS parts) and H&R lowering springs, but one day i'm starting up that project again,

I also have a sportster project down in one of my living rooms which is now my motorcycle workshop for my sportster :) hehe.. For the sportster i have forged 1250 pistons with teflon coated skirts, aluminium cylinders with nicasil coating from revolution performance, S1 cams, high ratio rockers 1:1725, thunderheader exhaust 2-1, barnett clutch, xb downdraft heads, DLC valves, xb oil pump for the drysumb, xb9 short stroke crank and some more godies, but this project has changed route alot and on hold untill I have the cash to build the engine for short duration use and not for everyday use as the first setup I have bought for it was intendet to be.

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here´s a picture of the direction i want the style to be in with the sportster (just holded with whatever was laying around) hehe.. use a bit of imagination :D


The red sierra is the donor for my sierra p100, and is now with out the front end :)

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here´s my short stroke xb crank to the left compared to the stock on the right

Front rims and rear rims i laced in 18" with a single brake disc on the front... they are stainless rings with brass nipples and stainless wire´s from TTS (sorry for the dust) ..

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I want to make a mold on this duck-tail rear end from my red 02 touring Tii, It´s hand made in sheetmetal back in the 80´s so when i get that mold made on it, i can put it on my agave green 02 touring, to spice it up a bit with a carbonfibre tail on it.

here´s a picture of the agave green BMW 2002 touring after repaint.

I just bought these old and rare as fuck compomotive rims i 14" for the agave green 02 touring as well, they are gonna look mint when they get a new powdercoating in white, but im a little bit ashamed of wasting money on the ronal rims you se background. theres new continentals, powdercoat and oem hubs and they are 13" so nothing fits on the new compomotives, not even the oem hub caps which were not cheap :)

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here´s a overview of the parts i first intended to put in the sportster.

they are not going in anymore because i wanna go bigger bore, 4v heads with down draft etc.

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